3 Day Refresh Review

This last week was very crazy in the Gress house!  My son was showing pigs at the Charter Oak Achievement Days, which is our home town fair.  It is a fun time and very hectic.  Fair time means that besides all the day to day chores and work at home I make an average of 4 trips to town a day to run Dawson to and from the fair, go in for activities, and help him with his fair chores.

This doesn’t give me much spare time so I thought I might be a little crazy trying the 3 Day Refresh during three of the most busiest days of the summer.  Once I made up my mind, I decided I was going to do it, and do it right.  After a trip to Las Vegas and the 4th of July, where I indulged in restaurant meals, sugary sweets, and a few adult beverages, I needed to detox and get my body back on track.

3 Day Refresh

The New 3 Day Refresh…Lose weight and break those bad eating habits in 3 Days!

I scheduled my 3 Day Refresh for Monday through Wednesday.  On Sunday, I read through all the information that came with the kit.  The information was simple and to the point.  I loved how the guide was easy to follow.  The menu instructions have “fill in the blank” lines when it came to planning what kind of food I was going to eat each day.  This made grocery shopping easy.  Each day it gave you the information about what you were to eat for each meal and snack.  You would choose from a list and select a healthy fat, vegetable, or fruit, depending on what the meal called for. It made planning ahead so easy and the Refresh very easy to follow, even with my busier than normal schedule.  Although the 3 Day Refresh is only about 900 calories a day, you eat very nutrient dense food and get everything your body needs in those 3 days.  You can find my “day by day” comments on my Facebook page http://www.facebook.com/DebsBeachbodyChallenge

My Shakeology Shaker cup was my best friend during the 3 Day Refresh.  I took it with me on the run so I could get my Shakeology, Vanilla Fresh protein shake, or fiber in daily.  This made following the plan very easy.

I also prepared all my snacks and meals ahead of time. When I was running I chose snacks such as carrot sticks and hummus or celery sticks and smashed avocado,  which were easy to transport.  For dinner each night I planned accordingly depending on if I was going to be home or not. On two out of three of the nights I was on the run so I ate a spinach salad. The salad was a great choice because there was no cooking involved and I was able to make both salads at the same time since one salad called for half a tomato, cucumber, and red pepper. I simply cut up the entire vegetable to make two salads. I found out I really enjoyed the dressing of fresh lemon juice and olive oil.

I gotta be honest….the 3 Day Refresh started out rough for me!  I really enjoy eating healthy and have finally, after years of struggling, gotten a pretty good grasp on my nutrition; however, doing the 3 Day Refresh, and especially reporting in to my clients, gave me anxiety.  It sounds silly, but I was really nervous, but a person can do anything for 3 days, right?

The first day of my 3 Day Refresh I was starving.  I woke up and drank my water, had my Shakeology for breakfast, which is part of my normal routine and something I look forward to like others look forward to their morning coffee, and didn’t have a problem with the fiber drink midmorning.  (Tip-don’t let it sit, mix it up and drink right away.)  I passed on the optional tea every morning and afternoon because that isn’t my thing.  By the time lunch came around I was starving.  I ate my entire lunch and Vanilla Fresh shake (which was good), but felt so full that I was almost sick. I felt like I was going to explode, but I was determined to stick to the program.  By midafternoon I was ready for my snack and hungrily ate it. Fast forward to dinner…once again a meal and Vanilla Fresh protein shake.  I just couldn’t finish it all, it was too much food for my tummy.  That night I went to bed hungry as the shake and food were long digested.  Although I wanted to get a workout in I felt like I just didn’t have the energy.

On day 2 I decided to modify a little bit.  I followed the program but spread out my Vanilla Fresh Shakes and meals during the day, eating them one hour apart.  Day 2 and 3 were much easier and I was satisfied.  Even though I was at the fair all three days, surrounded by homemade pie, soda, and burgers, I managed to stick to the program. I even got a PiYo workout in and felt great.  I could have done better drinking water, as that is something I constantly struggle with and I didn’t pack enough filtered water due to the fact that my three year old son and I ended up sharing at the fair.  Overall it was successful and it is definetly something I will do again.

I lost 1/2 inch, 3 pounds, and had better definition of my ab muscles afterwards. I felt great and kicked some bad eating habits I had developed in the previous weeks.  The 3 Day Refresh is a great jump start to weight loss, good for gently detoxing the body getting back into clean eating.