How often should you step on the scale?

Is it helpful to step on the scale everyday?  When you step on the scale in the morning does it dictate what kind of day you are going to have? If your weight is down you are happy, excited, maybe more motivated to workout that day? Are you more likely to eat healthier or allow yourself junk food?   If the scale number is up from the day before, you might feel discouraged, depressed, and defeated!  Will that encourage you to exercise or just give up and eat whatever you want?  Although the scale can provide us with good information on how we are doing with our weight loss from week to week, it can be more harmful than helpful for many people.  Scale obsession may actually be sabotaging your weight loss.Challenge week 3 day 2


There are many different factors that can affect the number on the scale.  The obvious factors are how many calories you are eating versus how many calories you have burned with your daily physical activities and exercise.  Some others that you might not think about are how much sleep you are getting, excess salt intake (which can be common when eating out), changes in your hormones, constipation, or water retention.

Lack of sleep can result in weight gain. Think about it, when you do not get enough sleep you are tired, feel slower, and have less energy. That can lead to the consumption of comfort food such as a bag of potato chips or a candy bar (my comfort food).  The unhealthy comfort food or the soda you may be using to keep yourself awake, add up to excess empty calories.  When you aren’t getting adequate sleep,( experts recommend you get at least 7 1/2 hours in a day), your hormone levels in your body are out of whack.  Ghrelin, your “go” hormone, tells you when to eat.  When you are sleep deprived you have more ghrelin and less leptin, the hormone that tells you when to stop.  Getting adequate sleep and watching your salt intake can make a difference in the number on the scale.

How often should you step on the scale? I encourage my clients, especially when they are first starting an exercise program, to wait at least a month after starting. Once they get in the habit of exercise and nutrition, I recommend about every 2 weeks.  You should weight yourself the same time of day under similar circumstances, for example, first thing in the morning after you have used the bathroom.

I prefer using body measurements, body fat percentages, and paying attention to how your clothes are fitting to determine how you my clients are doing on their fitness and weight loss journeys.  These measurements can be easily duplicated and will decrease as you lose weight.  Measurements should be taken at the waist, hips, thighs, bust, and upper arm.  Contact me for more information on specifics on how to take your measurements.

Here is a great example of why measurements are a great way to measure your success.

Here is a great example of why measurements are a great way to measure your success.


Exercise and proper nutrition, which lead to weight loss, can have a dramatic effect on your quality of life. You will feel better physically and emotionally.  You will feel more confident and be happy.  If you would like me as your FREE fitness and nutrition coach, sign up for a FREE account at  and I will contact you.  The account gives you access to FREE information on exercise, nutrition, and a huge community for support on your journey.

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Shakeology Scam

Shakeology is available in Strawberry, Chocolate, Vanilla, Vegan Tropical Strawberry, and Vegan Chocolate

Shakeology is available in a variety of flavors.

If you are trying to change your life……lose weight, get fit, eat healthy, feel better, is Shakeology for you? Is it really as good as some say?  Is it the “world’s greatest value in nutrition”?  Does it deserve the term “Superfood?” I did my own research to find out.

I was the biggest skeptic of all protein shakes and other nutritional products, including Shakeology, until two years ago.  At the University of Iowa, I studied Health Promotion and Exercise Science.  I am qualified to design fitness and wellness programs and have worked as an Athletic Trainer for the last fourteen years, caring for the health of high school, collegiate, and recreational athletes.  There are NO MAGIC DIET PILLS!  Many people say fitness and weight loss come from moving more and eating less.  I say “MOVE MORE and EAT SMART.” Shakeology is smart.  Not all calories and protein shakes are created equal.


You must fuel your body properly in order to perform.


People underestimate the importance of quality nutrition.  In sports medicine we find that there is a direct correlation to athletic performance and good nutrition.  Athletes that take care of their bodies, not only physically, but nutritionally, have an edge on their competition. Many collegiate programs have nutritionists on staff who work closely with the athletes and coaching staff to assure the student-athletes are getting the best, most appropriate quality nutrition for their bodies and physical demands of their sports.  Our bodies are not all that different from one another, we need and crave good nutrition.  Your body will function better with a healthy diet.  My husband and I even see the difference in the players on my son’s 5th grade basketball team.  The ones with better nutrition seem to have more endurance.

There is a good reason why Shakeology is the “Healthiest Meal of the Day.” No other single meal can give you the balance of vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, prebiotics, probiotics, protein, fiber, and amino acids that are essential to the maintenance of your mind and body.

Shakeology was a big part of My Transformation and helps me stay lean today!

Shakeology was a big part of My Transformation and helps me stay lean today!


When I started drinking Shakeology I was amazed at how much better I felt.  Shakeology has had a positive impact on my family and myself personally.  Nine months after my third son was born, my husband Aaron and I decided to start our Insanity exercise program.  A couple weeks into the program, we replaced one meal a day with Shakeology.  I was amazed at the results.  I had more energy, felt better, and became regular for the first time in my life.  I also found that Shakeology curbed my cravings for sweets.  I lost thirteen pounds and have kept it off the last two years by drinking Shakeology  and exercising.  Aaron also has had great health benefits.  His borderline high blood pressure now is low and he has lost 20 pounds and kept it off.  We feel great and are able to keep up with our three active boys.  We haven’t been this full of energy and fit since high school.  Shakeology is an intergral part of this.



Pre-Shakeology Aaron also had trouble with minor hypoglycemia, with symptoms such as shaking and feeling faint when his blood sugar got low.  These issues were generally in the mornings, and by drinking Shakeology for breakfast he has evened out his blood sugar levels and avoided these lows and spikes.  Being gluten intolerant (wheat, barley, and rye allergy) is also another issue Aaron has and Shakeology is a great gluten free option to add to his restricted diet.

When you decide to eat healthy, ingredient lists become important and Shakeology is no different. Although lots of shakes on the market may contain natural ingredients that are beneficial and increase your metabolism, they do not come close to the balanced nutrition that you find in one Shakeology, and alarmingly some of these products increase blood pressure and heart rate causing tachycardia (higher than normal heart rate) and heart palpitations in some cases.  Quite the opposite of what we are trying to accomplish in our health and fitness goals.

I challenge anyone to commit to Shakeology for two months, then go back to your old eating pattern for three days and see how you feel. When drinking Shakeology, you will feel better and crave healthy food instead of junk.  This will help you reach your weight loss and fitness goals.   You will be shocked at how much better you feel when you are getting the good quality nutrition your body needs to function.


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Squeezing in Exercise During Harvest

It is that time of year again in the Midwest on our family farm…….the time of year when we work from sun up to sun down to bring in this years’ crops.  It is one of the most challenging times Aaron and I face when it comes to eating healthy and keeping up with our daily workouts.

Teagen likes to ride in the combine during harvest and keep Daddy Company!

Many days are 12 to 15 hours long with little time for exercise.  We begin our days by getting up early to feed and water our livestock.  The rest of the day is spent in the field combining the crops until late at night.  Harvesting involves a lot of sitting in combines, tractors and semis.  It is also more challenging to get our workouts in because we spend so much time in the field working.

Beachbody has several options we can choose from when squeezing a workout in.  The “10 Minute Trainer” by Tony Horton is our “go to workout” when we are really crunched for time.  These workouts are excellent for getting your heart rate up and making the most out of your ten minutes of exercise.  Tony’s moves work more than one body part at a time so they are efficient.  If we have a little more time we will combine two ten minute workouts for a total of 20 minutes.  On days we have half an hour our “go to” program is “Focus T25.”  We really enjoy this program.  It gets your heart rate up and you get an intense 25 minute workout.  Shaun T’s workouts go by so fast.  These programs are also great because you can modify them so almost anyone can do them.

Remember, if you do not have an hour a day to exercise it is ok, SOMETHING IS BETTER THAN NOTHING!

Wherever you are in your weight loss and fitness journey do not be discouraged or give up if you have a bad day, week, or month.  Every day is a new day and another opportunity for you to make a positive lifestyle change.  Once you get in the habit of exercising you will feel better inside and out.  It is so worth it!