May Recipes #1

Here are some of my favorite healthy recipes. These three are so easy.

Oatmeal recipe     Oats are known to flush cholesterol out of the system and can have healing effects on the nervous, reproductive, and digestive systems.   I use Steel Cut oats which are least processed and can be found gluten free!

Cinnamon is known for balancing blood sugar and relieving cold and flu symptoms.

Almonds and walnuts are high in healthy fatty acids.  They are alkalinizing, helping to heal imbalances caused by acidic foods which are responsible for the inflammation in our bodies.

Grade “B” Maple Syrup is a naturally processed sweetener that comes from trees.



Pin Healthy sweet potato recipeThe Sweet Potato Fries are so delicious, I could eat the whole pan.

Sweet Potatoes contain lots of great nutrition.  They are full of antioxidants, and vitamins.  They contain up to 213% of the daily recommended intake of Vitamin A and 52% of the daily recommended intake of Vitamin C, along with beta carotene, fiber, and other B Vitamins.  At only about 180 calories a potato, they are sweet, delicious, and excellent for regulating blood sugar.



PIn Healthy Shake recipeo                  Peanut Butter Cup Shakeology

This is one of my favorites. With the Chocolate and Peanut Butter it tastes just like a Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup without all the empty calories and sugar.  This delicious meal or snack can be mixed up in a blender in minutes.  If you are on the go or live a crazy, busy life, it is an excellent healthy choice.

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Stay tuned for more healthy recipes every week.  You can find the recipe index under “Eat Smart, ” “Recipes.”  Please comment below or offer suggestions on what you would like to see next time.








Cancer Fighting Foods


Everyone knows someone who has been touched by the horrible disease of cancer some way or another.  My story of how I have been touched started last summer, July 2013.  The year had started out great.  In February, my family and I enjoyed a trip to Walt Disney World in celebration of my mom’s upcoming 60th birthday and my family and extended family were healthy and happy.  July 2013, all our lives changed.  Just one month after my mom’s birthday, she was diagnosed with breast cancer.   This was the first time I was this close to the disease and it felt like I had been punched in the stomach when I got the news.  I had to stay postitive and keep reassuring my mom and myself that she was going to beat this and life would go on.

It all happened so fast, first mom found the small lump, then the biopsy, and less then a week later she underwent surgery to remove the aggressive cancer tumor and some lymph nodes. The surgeon performed the lumpectomy and removed 10 lymph node, two which were cancerous.   The report came back as Stage 3 Triple (-) breast cancer.  Although my mom’s tumor was small, it was aggressive.  Mom went through four tough chemotherapy treatments followed by 33 radiation sessions.  Thank God she is in remission and feeling and looking great today!  We are truly blessed!

My mom’s experience and hearing of many others suffering from many different types of cancers inspired me to write this blog.  Some research has shown that certain foods may have cancer fighting properties.  These foods are plant based and contain phytonutrients which have been shown to slow down the growth of new malignant (cancer) cells by keeping new blood vessels that supply these cells from growing.

BROCCOLI-Broccoli contains sulforaphane which is a potent compounds that boosts the bodies protective enzymes and flushes out cancer-causing chemicals. Sulforaphane also targets cancer stem cells that aid in tumor growth.  Other cruciferous vegetables such as cauliflower, cabbage, and kale are good choices also. Include more broccoli and other vegetable in your diet.  Kale is a great choice for a salad and adding lots of fresh vegetables is healthy and delicious.

BERRIES-Phytonutrients, especially those found in black raspberries, slow the growth of new malignant cells and keep new blood vessels form forming that feed the cancer cells. I personally like to have berries fresh, in my yogurt, or in my oatmeal.  Berries make a nice sweet treat and can be used as dessert.  My kids love them and eat them when they are available in the fridge.

TOMATOES-They contain lycopene which has been shown to stop endometrial cancer cells’ growth.  They are best cooked as the heating process increases the lycopene that can be absorbed by the body.  Spaghetti sauce is an excellent way to get your family, especially kids, to eat tomatoes.

WALNUTS-These contain phytosterols, which are cholesterol like molecules found in plants that block estrogen receptors in brain cancer cells, possible slowing the cell’s growth.  One ounce a day is recommended.  These are delicious in oatmeal or in a homemade trail mix.

GARLIC-This is a phytochemical that halts the formation or nitrosamines which are carcinogens formed in the stomach when you consume nitrates.  Nitrates are common in food preservatives.  This is another reason to stay away from processed foods and eat fresh fruits and vegetables.  Start with simple things you can do with your family like crushing fresh garlic into your spaghetti sauce or adding garlic to other recipes.  Many homemade salad dressings are delicious with crushed garlic.

BEANS/BLACK/NAVY-These have a high fatty acid butyrate which can have protective effects against cancer growth, when consumed in high concentration.  Try adding 1/2  cup of legumes (canned or dry) to your diet several times a week.  They are also a great source of protein.  I like to add beans to my tacos or put them into a taco soup or chili.

Obesity increases a person’s risk for cancer.  If you follow the rule of eating like people have since the beginning of time, eating unprocessed, fresh food simply prepared, it will help you lose weight, feel better and live a healthier life.

Beachbody’s Ultimate Reset program focuses on clean eating and includes all the foods listed above. The Ultimate Reset will not only help you lose weight and detox your body, but it will teach you a whole different way of eating.  You will find many new, exciting food and recipes that you never knew existed.

After my mom’s fight with breast cancer she wanted to detox her body and did the Ultimate Reset.

“I had a lot of problems with edema and swelling from chemo and I wanted to do everything I could to get the toxins out of my body.  The Ultimate Reset seemed like a good place to start.  I lost seven pounds and felt much better and realized I was sensitive to sugar and wheat because I had stayed totally off of those during the Ultimate Reset.  While doing the Ultimate Reset I had less sinus congestion. I used to take a decongestant/antihistamine daily and since doing the Ultimate Reset and staying away from certain food, I rarely need to take one now.  I also don’t have the swelling in my feet like before the Ultimate Reset.  I am continuing maintenance with the alkaline and optimize and continuing a diet similar to the Ultimate Reset, using some of their recipes.”              Barbara Mordhorst, Breast cancer survivor



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Since my husband and I changed the way we eat, almost two years ago, we cannot believe how much better we feel.  A healthy diet make a huge difference in the way you feel and decreases your risk for many diseases including heart disease, diabetes, and cancer.

Please comment and share your stories. I would love to hear from you.

DISCLAIMER:  I am not a physician.  The views expressed in this blog are not meant to diagnose, treat, or cure any diseases.  Please consult your physician or other health care provider for any concerns you may have.