Find That Motivation Somewhere

Just do it

I woke up this morning feel, “Blah.”  Not a great description, but I think we have all been there.   It is a crazy time on our farm!  We just finished harvesting beans a couple days ago and have been getting calves weaned the last couple days before we start combining corn.  Last night I was going to slip in a quick 10 Minute Trainer workout, but after discovering a water leak in our hog barn, the night was shot.

So….here I am today, tired, and feeling “Blah.”  The last thing I wanted to do was press play and get my workout done, but after missing yesterday’s workout, I felt I HAD to get it done today.  Sometimes it is much worse to think about something than to just do it, so that’s what I did, I just did it!  Results….after my workout, “I felt ENERGIZED and ready to tackle the day!”

Motivation for Exercise

Getting in shape and staying in shape takes, effort, hard work, and discipline, and sometimes a nudge or two from your Coach!  (Let me know if you are in need of a nudge.)

Here are some tips to help you stay motivated on your journey. Your journey is continuous and never stops, so we all have to find little motivational “tricks” to keep up on that journey.

  1.  Dig deep to find your true WHY.  Why do you want to lose weight, get in shape, or tone up?  Is it so you feel better, look better, can be a good example to your kids, or want to get off some of those meds you take? Whatever it is, it is important and you have a strong why.  Once you realize your why then you need to focus on that when the going gets tough and you don’t want to press play.
  2. Tape your WHY everywhere. If your why is to be a good example for your kids or to buy that size 10 dress for the wedding this summer, tape a picture of that everywhere to keep you motivated.  Put a picture on your mirror in your bathroom. Tape a picture to the refrigerator door so every time you open that door you will be motivated to make better choices.
  3. Find an accountability partner, workout buddy, or join my challenge group.  Research has shown that people who work out together are much more likely to stick with it.  If you have someone to answer to it won’t be as easy to skip that workout or eat that entire pie.
  4. If you miss a day, don’t beat yourself up over it. That is no reason to quit. Tomorrow is a new chance.  Start again!
  5. DO NOT STEP ON THE SCALE EVERYDAY!!!  This is something that people think of as a way to gauge their progress but it hurts so many people.  When people start workout programs it is common for them to gain weight at first due to the swelling of the muscles and water weight.  Once those people, who have started exercising see the weight gain, they get frustrated and quit. Everyone is different and some people may not see the scale move at all at first. I recommend limiting your “scale dates” to once a month and taking measurements and body fat readings to track your progress.  How your clothes are fitting is also a great way to determine progress.
  6. Celebrate the little victories!  If you have 50-100 pounds to lose, it will take some time. You didn’t gain all that weight in one day so you won’t lose it all in one day.  Set mini goals of 10-20 pounds as a time and celebrate when you reach your goals.  Go out and get your nails done or get a well deserved massage.  Maybe you need some new clothes after your weight loss or a new pair of shoes.
  7. When it is time to get that workout in remember how you felt after your last workout.  That will help you press play and feel better both physically and mentally once you are done.

do something today