Living Life with No Regrets-My Decision to Enter Network Marketing

Last week I turned 39!  Thirty-nine!  It is so true as you get older time goes by faster and faster.  If you have kids, the time flies by warp speed. There are days when you little one may be throwing things in the toilet, throwing a temper tantrum when you need to get out the door for an appointment, or your teenager is rolling his eyes at you as though you are getting dumber by the minute… is at these times you feel they will never grow up.  All of a sudden you will look back and wonder where the time has gone!


My boys were so little when I made the decision to work from home.


Almost four years ago I took a leap of faith and joined network marketing!  This opportunity has allowed me to work from home, earn an income for my family , and share my passion for fitness!  Network marketing…A career I never pictured myself pursuing.  Being a “salesman” and pushing my products on someone was never my dream.  I went to college, pursued my love of sports medicine and health sciences and went out into the real world.  Having kids changed everything.  It gave me a reason to look for something that would help me share my love of fitness and spend more time with my kids, while supporting our family.  My career as an athletic trainer, although I loved it, didn’t have a schedule that gave me the freedom to see my boys’ special “firsts” and other events.

At first I was hesitant to join Network marketing! There are plenty of companies and salesmen that come off as pushy and just plain rude.  There are also many people who start network marketing with the misconception that it is easy money.  They figure they can sign up a few people, who know lots of other people, and “make it big.” They do not “work” at their business, so when they aren’t making any money they quit. Therefore network marketing is not a REAL OPPORTUNITY.   These kind of companies and their representatives give all network marketers a negative stigma, so with little experience with network marketing, I was skeptical.

Taking that leap into network marketing and going “all in” was scary.  People looked at me like I was crazy and questioned the “pyramid scheme” I was getting into.  They rolled their eyes at me, and some still do.  There will always be a social stigma associated with this career.  Luckily, I found a network marketing company that cares about people! It has been such a blessing to me and my family that I have been able to match my love of fitness and helping others (something I did as a certified athletic trainer).  This company has given me the opportunity to support my family  financially and a flexible schedule to be there for all those important times in my boys’ lives.

Once I learned more about this company and the fact that coaches are there to make a difference and change lives, I was all in!  By “all in” I mean I was ready to become a network marketing professional and start my business. Like myself, there are many network marketing professionals who truly care about their clients and customers and have found a way to help them by turning their passion into a business.   I do sell products and services in my business and am not ashamed.  People pay for products and services everyday.  It is only right that professionals get paid for their time and service.  Myself and others in the network marketing profession are driven by our WHY and are PASSIONATE about HELPING others.

Design around family

I am so thankful that I am able to have a career from the comfort of my own home and work on my own time.  There is no commuting, no time clock to punch, no daycare bills, no missing out on my kid’s activities due to work commitments. I still work hard and enjoy the pleasures of life like coaching my son’s basketball team, reading in my son’s classroom, and helping at his holiday parties.  Life is good! I am living life to the fullest with no regrets!

Working from home may not be for everyone, but for me it has been a life changing decision my husband and I made 3 1/2 years ago.  It was hard at first, and I was surprised what an adjustment it was. I really thought once I started working from home it would be easy, but it was a challenge. I had to be disciplined and make my work time count as I built my business.  Not everyday is easy, but I wouldn’t have it any other way.  It was the right decision for myself and my family and we don’t regret it.

don't miss a thing

When I look back on my time at home while my kids are young, I will be happy that I didn’t miss a thing.


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