My Four “Whys” I Strive To Stay Fit!

Hi everyone! I am so excited to start this blogging journey!  I can’t wait to meet new friends and learn from others along the way.  My family and I just got back from a long weekend in Minneapolis where we stayed with friends and had a great time doing lots of different activities.  I have four boys ages 10, 6, and 2, plus another older boy if you count my husband Aaron:)  I am very outnumbered in my house, but it is fun!  On our last day of our trip we kayaked and canoed 7 miles down the beautiful St. Croix River.  Along the way we stopped at a sandbar and played.  Aaron and I try to eat right and exercise, which can be a struggle at times, but is totally worth it.  We were able to play with our boys, hike a rocky cliff, swim, and throw them up in the air and into the river.  We also made it the 7 miles down the river, paddling our hearts out.

Being able to do fun things with my boys and feeling good is why I do what I do.  By eating right, exercising regularly, and taking care of myself, I am able to be the best mom and wife I can be.  I am doing something good for me, getting a little “me time,” which moms out there know is not easy, and staying healthy for my family. Family is what is really important in life.

Through my life experiences, I hope to help others lead a healthy life,  because I believe health is the cornerstone to a happy life. Over the past two years, Aaron and I have made lifestyle changes that have had a positive impact on our health and family.  When visiting my blog you will see how we have changed our lives through exercise, better nutrition, gluten free eating, and a general change in how we view fitness to create a BETTER LIFESTYLE FOR BETTER LIVING!

Canoeing trip

My boys and their friends on our canoeing trip