What make Shakeology different from other protein shakes on the market?

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1.  Shakeology contains over 70 essential vitamins and minerals. You will not find a healthier meal option in another protein shake.  Shakeology exceeds other shakes in nutrition.

2.  Shakeology is low on the glycemic index with only 6 grams of sugar per serving. This means it is low in sugar and safe for diabetics.

3.  Shakeology is a delicious filling, nutritious meal.  It is a satisfying meal that cuts down on cravings for sweets.

4.  Shakeology will aid in digestion due to the prebiotics and probiotics in the meal.  These help replace the good bacteria in the gut.

5.  Shakeology contains fiber and is a detox for your body so you will feel great and it will keep you regular.

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 Stay tuned for the new flavor Cafe Latte coming out in 2016!